Bridlington Classic Pop Singers

Bridlington Classic Pop Singers was a non profit making Charity Fundraising Organisation founded by Rob Mason in May 2007. Rob is by profession a qualified accountant, and invested his personal funds  and music resources into this project. He utilised his extensive experience in setting up and running other successful singing groups, and involvement with musical theatre and choirs.

Rob founded the group based on what was then a pioneering new style of singing and performance using backing tracks of 1960's, 1970's pop songs, professional sound equipment, and singers, with voices arranged in harmonies. The singers were encouraged to dress in costume of the period when staging performances.

The basis of the running of the group shows and concerts was as follows:

1) To provide free concerts/ shows for charity fundraising events. In every case BCPS insisted that the charity sell tickets/ collect money at the door themselves. BCPS provided their services completely free of charge. A request was made at the end of each concert for the event organisers to let BCPS know the amount raised. In total, over a five year period to August 2012, approximately 45000 was raised for charity.

2) To provide free concerts/ shows for disabled groups, pensioners, Royal British Legion, Help The Heros, and other deserving groups.

3) To perform concerts to enhance  local and regional awareness of the group. Such events included The Bridlington Christmas Lights opening ceremony, The annual "Elvis" convention at the Spa, Bridlington, the annual Festival of Choirs at the Spa, various concerts for Mayors in the region, and some truly magical Nativity concerts every December.

A special "Thank you" is expressed to all who took part in the group, and to all the organisations that supported this wonderful project.

BCPS was sadly a victim of its own success, and had to be closed down on 31st August 2012. This was due to an internal attempt by a number of members to take over control of this highly successful group of singers, convincing themselves and others that they could run it better, They did this by subterfuge in a damaging, dishonest and cruel way. They attempted to take over the project by destroying Rob through a planned character defamation exercise lasting several months. They succeded. This eventually made it untenable to continue the singing group, which had performed at least two concerts and shows each month, and brought much joy to so many people. Fortunately, Rob found the strength to close down the project rather than let them have it. Those involved went on to form a successor group which has not been as successful as Bridlington Classic Pop Singers.                                   
To this day Rob suffers emotional damage from their cruel actions, and is unable to run or take part in singing groups, and reluctant to do charity fundraising. 


                                                                                                                                                           Many of us can still hold happy memories from the five good years that this project ran, and be proud of what we achieved.



A special "Thank you" to all who took part in the group, and to all the organisations that supported this wonderful project.


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